Hygiene Mod (Increases hygiene on all sinks, showers and bathtubs)

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2015 at 9:36 PM
Updated: 17th Aug 2021 at 8:53 PM - Changed mod title
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Hi there!
Another requested mod here, now the time has come for the sinks, showers and bathtubs to get an improvement.

What the mod changes
I went a little different route on this one compared to my other mods in this theme.
All sinks have been given the hygiene gain equal to the "best" sinks in the game (6 is the highest value sink in-game).
Showers have been increased to 10 (3,0 in the game files).
Bathtubs have also had their stats raised to match their "best" counterparts. The only exception for the two most expensive tubs that already have much higher at default, so I kept them untouched.
Finally the hot-tubs received a smaller hygiene and fun boost.

What file/files to download
I have made several separate packages. One for you only owning the base game and then one for each of the expansion packs and finally a combined pack with all of them combined for a single file. Will try to add more packages for future expansions (if the expansion have any new sinks/tubs/showers in them).

If you have all the mods listed in the files section feel free to use the combined file instead of the loose files. If you do use the combined file please do not use any of the other files as it is not needed.
If you only own the base game or just some of the expansions and packs. Use the base game file and then the files matching the expansions/packs you own.

Hope at least someone might find this useful. If you find any bugs, misses or have something you would like to have added please let me know in the comments section.

Tested with version (2021-07-20 Update)

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Programs used when creating this mod (big thanks to their respective author/authors)
Sims 4 Studio
Sims 4 Package Editor (S4PE)