Rammstein Logo Tattoo - 3 channels

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Uploaded 23rd Sep 2015 at 1:48 AM

I made this tattoo with my game up to the latest patch for TS3 (1.67) and I have never installed or even owned the Ambitions EP so I think it might be safe to say this mod's requirements would be The Sims 3 Base Game + patch 1.67. It might work on an earlier patch, but I'm not 100% sure about that.



This is my first upload to MTS, but not the first tattoo I've made for The Sims 3. This is more like the second or third, but the very first one I made was not very good quality-wise (edges were jagged/"pixelly" enough to annoy me) so I won't be uploading it anywhere.

Instead, here's a Rammstein logo tattoo - for those who want something a little more permanent than a band t-shirt. It has 3 channels, the first being the top half of the "+"/"T", the second being the "R", and the third being the bottom half of the "+"/"T", see below:

Known Issues: I can only think of one - the diagonal parts of the "R" can occasionally look a little jagged, so to speak, but everything else looks fine (Besides, I think the slight jagged-ness is a limitation of the game, considering the fact that I used a pretty hi-res version of the logo). I've tested and had no issues with it other than the aforementioned "R", but please let me know if you come across anything. It's unlikely you'll encounter anything game-breaking, but let me know nonetheless.

Female Sim CC
Hair: Sanctuary II by Aikea Guinea
Eyeliner: Death Me Eyeliner by missy harries
Lipstick: Glam Lipstick by Lunararc
Lip piercings: Layerable Piercing Set by Winry
Pose: "a_traelia_Elegant_01" from traelia's Elegant Redux Pose Pack

Male Sim CC
Hair: Dreadlocks for males by Kijiko
Pose: "a_splad_wheelchair4-2" from spladoum's Wheelchair Poses

Additional Credits:
I created this tattoo mod using GIMP 2.8 and the AWESOME Tattooinator by CmarNYC