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Music Mecca was set up by a small group of local sims in response to the lack of a decent music store. It is a happy place to spend time playing instruments, or chilling on the benches out front with your mates. It sells many different instruments, most of them playable, as well as some records. Come along and check us out! Future plans include a comprehensive sheet music section and more vinyl/CDs for sale. There is also a warehouse/storeroom, employee break room, and smoking area out the back.

I downloaded a LOT of stuff in preparation for this build, but I tried to keep custom content to musical instruments. None of these items are included.

Necessary: The Savvy Sellers Set:

(The alternative on here looks good too, I haven't used it yet but am looking forward to trying it out:
Also I used Granthes' OMSP to get the wall guitars looking right: Check out newshoes' tipsy ones for a trippy experience!

Musical instruments! You can use whatever you have in your game - if you have any other instruments, please let me know! I couldn't get this saxophone to work ( - link in post at bottom of page) and I couldn't find any brass instruments at all

NB This upload was delayed because the lot is exporting as a very large file. I haven't been able to figure out why, but rest assured, creators, there is no CC included

None of this is strictly necessary, but for the sake of variety it's recommended. So, ordered roughly by instrument, here we go!

Acoustic Guitars:
Shine guitar:
Flag guitar:
Wall guitars and buyable case:
Banjo/Mandol (and a mic, organ, and harmonium)

I didn't see this in time but you can also get a balalaika and another guitar here:

Sims 4 to 3 Guitars, Piano, and mini-fridge that looks like an amp:
Sims 3 Store Bramble-bodied guitar:
Sims 3 Store Vine Me Up guitar: No longer available, sorry
Sims 3 Store Dulcinea Guitar:
Sims 3 Store Destiny's Charm Guitar:

Electric Guitars:
Several EA guitars should really be electric but have been made acoustic. I use this mod: and this one:
I haven't used these here but you may like them. Atavera's guitars converted to TS3:
Sims 3 Store "In Like Flynn":
Sims 3 Store "Soul of Spade":
Sims 3 Store FREE MacSymver's Guitar, and Sizzlin Strings guitar, both part of Prius Set, maybe no longer available? Detailed here:
Sims 3 Store Cosmic Shredder, maybe no longer available? Detailed here:

Amps: All in Sets

Sims 3 Store "Croon to Me Softly Mic Stand":

Pay content - suggested but not required: Around the Sims 3 Late Night Donator's Reward Piano:
Traditional Piano:
APGrand Piano:
Magicdawn Piano:
Bösenklavier Concert Grand Piano:

Sims 2 Bass for Late night:

Sims 3 Store:
Audrey Livingroom Violin:
Leaning/Lying Violin (this set has a separate bow too but for some reason that didn't work for me so I haven't used it in the lot):
Here is a non-replacing CASTable store violin (store one required):

Timpani/Cymbals: [see Sets]
Bodhran (this set has a lying down one too but it didn't work for me so I've just used the leaning one):
African drum:
Pearl/Premier drum kits:
I only just found this electronic drum kit so it's not included but again, you might like it:

Piano, Electric wall guitar, Harp, Timpani, and Cymbals:
Music stand, a microphone, and cable from this recording studio:
Flycases, stompboxes, mics, magazines, and a couple of amps:
These amps are recoloured fridges! So don't freak out if your sim gets a bowl of soup out of the amp!

Record player:
Neon guitar sign:
Record awards on walls:

You can also use these instruments to play for you think this guy might be homeless?

I think that's all! Please leave a link in comments to any more cool instruments! Happy musicking :-)

Lot Size: 40x20
Lot Price (furnished): 279,000
Lot Price (unfurnished): 279,000