Downtown as a Vacation Destination (For the monthly theme of September - All things retail!)

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2015 at 9:32 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2016 at 3:35 PM
Hello everyone!

I have had this idea going on in my head for a while now: Downtown as a City vacation destination, instead of it being a downtown subhood. I never liked having old lady Crumple around and I'm always afraid that she might glitch up or something, plus, the Grand Vampires are known to be sneaky youknowwhats who will bite whoever just stands in front of them. Of course there's the Creaturefix for that over at MATY, but then there was the problem with the Downtownies. Yes, Downtown has it's own set of "special" townies, etc... To cut things short, I never added Downtown in the first place to any of my custom neighborhoods (apparently it's glitchy too from what I've read/seen), just to avoid any possible issues that might rise.

With the encouragement of some members (Thank you, JustPetro! I needed that push! :giggler I started working on this and I managed to find a cleaned up version of Downtown as a Base Neighborhood, at Tarlia's blog (Thank you, Tarlia! That made things a bit quicker/easier! ).

And finally, a big thank you to PeniGriffin and especially Jawusa, for helping me out through the conversion process!

So, everyone:

Welcome to Downtown! A City (Mountain) vacation destination!

This vacation destination DOES contain the graves of the deceased Tricous, exactly where they are. The six Downtownie descendant teens, however, are NOT present.

A few new lots have been added just to make it more vacation friendly. (i.e. Hotels and motels were added, campgrounds as well. New community lots were added as well to better suit the vacation system.)

There are two versions: Bigfoot-ed Downtown and Bigfoot-less Downtown. So for those who don't want to have Bigfoot, you may download the Bigfoot-less Downtown, and vice versa! (I'm still working on the Bigfoot-ed version, so please be patient! )

Update: The Bigfoot-ed version is up for download

A Warning about Downtown as a Mountain Vacation Destination Subhood

Due to the complexity of Downtown, till this date, no one has tried to convert it into any other type of subhood (other than a Base Neighborhood), and for this, it is highly recommended that you BACK UP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FILES FIRST and to use this at your own risk! For we have not yet figured out the Dos and Don'ts of this type of conversion.

Before installing this Vacation Destination, please read the following warning which Jawusa kindly have tested for and put together!

Originally Posted by Jawusa
ETA: I have tested this out.
I think there's still a way to add multiple inhabited vacation destinations of the same type. Using this method.
But I don't think that they will add Three Lakes to their neighborhoods after adding your Downtown and vice versa, because of these problems.

You could mention this in the download page:
A warning about Downtown as a mountain vacation destination subhood
- By default, only the first mountain vacation destination added to a neighborhood will have its sims. All other mountain vacation destination will be empty. So, if you add Three Lakes first, then you won't have the Downtown sims and vice versa. They will simply be deleted - and, as you know, EA doesn't delete the sims properly - the junk references can be seen in SimPE. In order to solve this issue, please try this method. The tutorial is written for custom downtown subhoods but it's systematically the same for vacation destination subhood.
- If you plan to add only one mountain vacation destination to your hood, you won't need to use this method.
- Bear in mind that this issue only occurs on vacation destinations of the same type. So it's completely safe to add Asian and tropical vacation destinations after adding Downtown as a mountain vacation destination subhood but don't add another mountain vacation destinations.

Be sure to read the information about the lots that have either been modified or newly built! All the info is available under the Comments tab.

And last but not least: Enjoy! I appreciate any feedback I can get on this! Share if you'd like, but with credits. (Do not upload to paysites, including TSR! )

Installation Instructions:

1- Unzip.
2- Place the DMD1 folder in your: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Bon Voyage\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate
3- Load up your game and any neighborhood (make sure you have read the warning above), and add the destination like you would for the premade destinations. You might need Mootilda's Subhood Selection fixes:

This upload requires you to have both NL and BV EPs installed.

Additional Credits:
Numenor for his AnyGameStarter which I used to make this (Vacation) Subhood NL+BV compatible.
Mootilda for her Lot Compressor which I used to compress all of the lots and for her helpful HoodChecker (to check and see if there are any problems or not. So far the only problems problems found were invalid memories due to changing lot zonings. However, they are harmless.)
The makers of SimPE EAxis for their Downtown.
Tarlia for her cleaned up version of Downtown.
Jawusa for her empty templates.