Mesh Testers Wanted: Gigantic Baby Costume

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Uploaded: 15th Apr 2005 at 1:34 AM
Updated: 16th Apr 2005 at 5:55 PM
Find in all clothing categories for adult male. Can be worn/bought/changed like any other article of clothing by any adult male Sim (the Sim’s normal head will be underneath the giant baby head – like a costume. The facial expression and lips of the baby don’t move.) Mesh derived from Maxis baby mesh - body proportions altered to make animations work for an adult.
The .zip file contains two .package files. Place them both in your downloads directory.

Known issue: Since the body is chubby and the head is disproportionately large like a baby, and the animations are meant for an adult, the body and head will occasionally intersect furniture and other parts of itself (just a little), depending on the situation. Looks good most of the time, though.

Please let me know how it works in your game, particularly if you have the EP installed. Thanks.

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