A Haunting in Mid-Coastal Maine

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2015 at 12:33 AM
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I was intending on uploading this lot on Halloween, but then I went out that night... and so here it is now.

A world of past glory, once so elegant and refined. Lost in the flames started by mankind. Burnt up like the fever that ate their souls and fueled the fire that raised a cloud, so dark and so loud. Thunder rolled across the plains, reaching the homes on back roads and lanes. So quiet a life, lost in the darkness of the big city light; gleaming brightly like a beacon in storm, that grew dim and black. Struck down it now lays forlorn. The darkness has come and shrouded its form. Gasps turned to screams as the horizon blackened. Ash fell upon them and death spread among them. What they knew of life was gone.

Known to local survivors as "The Captain's House" because it's full name 'The Captain Washmere House' is still barely visible to them in the peeling paint on what remains of the picket fence, not much else is known about the property. It's history was all lost long ago when the bombs dropped. Survivors now inhabiting the area refuse to step foot beyond the front gate for fear of the supernatural that they believe haunts the site.

Being located in a small town, many miles southeast of Augusta, the house managed to avoid the immediate damage of the nearest bomb drop, however it did bear witness to the fallout of ash that rained down on the area, congesting the coastal waters and turning them to sludge. The house stood abandoned, watching and waiting.

Mommy, the people in the painting want us to leave!

A couple of decades have passed since then, and many wandering survivors have entered the house and attempted to inhabit it on a more permanent basis, but the darkness of the old world soon drove them out. The house soon became the stuff of campfire stories. Although it wasn't always a sad tale; happiness once dwelled here.

Lot Info:
The house is built on a 30 by 30 lot costing 153,986 Simoleons furnished and 93,642 Simoleons unfurnished.

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 153,986 Simoleons
Lot Price (unfurnished): 93,642 Simoleons

Additional Credits:
I should like to thank cutsocks for helping come up with a name for this house. Without his suggestions, it's very likely I'd still be struggling to come up with a suitable historic name for the house in-game.