Playable Toy Cars

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Hi guys,

and improved!
It always annoyed me that I had to make custom thumbnails since the game created ones wouldn't line up properly, but after learning how it's done I decided my toys need an upgrade! I deleted my custom thumbnails for the packages and realigned their settings. This means the packages are smaller and the thumbs are now game generated and seamless.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a program that is capable of changing the tags to include the toddler related skills yet, but these are just catalogue descriptions. All the toys work as they should

These are various meshes taken from The Sims 3, edited and adjusted to fit as Sims 4 toys. I chose meshes that already had the lowest polycount and tried to reduce the count a little further where I could during editing, to avoid any problems.

So here's a collection of toy vehicles: a train, car, dump truck, fire truck and tank.
They all come in a few different colours, except the fire truck, which is, :P

These can be found in the Kids/Toys section:

Dump Truck: §70
Car: §100
Fire Truck: §120
Tank: §100
Train: §120

Hope you enjoy 'em

Polygon Counts:
Dump Truck: 370
Car: 434
Fire Truck: 526
Tank: 366
Train: 532

Additional Credits:
Made using Milkshape, TSRW, S4PE and Sims 4 Studio