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"Spooky" Christmas Trees

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2015 at 9:23 PM
Tired of having just one season to shove a dead tree in your living room? Wish you could have an interesting Halloween decoration? Look no further!

These are recolors of Honeywell's conversion of Sims 4's Christmas Tree.

What's included:
Three packages in one .zip file:
siletka_HW_4t2Xmastree_ghost.package - Includes the black tree recolor and blue/white ornaments
siletka_HW_4t2Xmastree_pumpkin.package - Includes the purple tree recolor and orange/green ornaments
siletka_HW_4t2Xmastree_spiral.package - NO tree recolor, includes black/white ornaments (can use the black from the Ghost package, or white from Honeywell's original set)

What's NOT included:
Honeywell's mesh and original colors
Download Honeywell's mesh!

Additional Credits:
Honeywell, SimpPE, Photoshop CC