BHG Industrial Living

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2015 at 7:29 PM
Updated: 30th Dec 2015 at 7:51 PM
Inspired by an ad in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine - this is a new set I call Industrial Living. There are some new meshes (with recolors) and there are some recolors of other meshes in this set.

Before I continue: There is a buttload of files in this download - 120something and a collection file. The repository method was heavily used. There is a lot of information. Please read it all so you don't have any problems with flashing blue in game!

What You Get:
Curtains - 1 and 2 tile in long and short versions. (2 subsets, the curtain and the rod.)
A coffee table, an end table, a tall shelf and a short shelf. (2 subsets, the wood and the metal.)
2 sculptures - a large gear and a small gear.
3 lamps - table, wall and floor. (Each 2 subsets, the metal and the glass.)
Recolors of Buggybooz' Sage rug
Recolors of MysticRain's Earth Living Cushion
Leather recolors of the Ikea Ektorp sofa
Recolors of my AlphaDeath painting. (I only recolored the painting, not the frame.)

What You Need To Know:
The tables are repositoried. You need the TALL shelf for the short shelf to work in your game and you need the COFFEE TABLE for the end table to work in your game.
The curtains are repositoried. The 1 tile long curtain is the MASTER for the whole set. You need that curtain for the others to work in your game.
The table and floor lamps are repositoried. You need the TABLE lamp for the floor lamp to work in your game.
The gear sculptures are repositoried. You need the LARGE gear for the small gear to work in your game.
The curtains have working diagonals.
The wall lamp and gear sculptures will shift if you can shift objects.
The long curtains weren't made to shift but they will shift up a click or two. The short curtains will shift.

Please Note: The Pineapple poster recolors that can be seen in the screenshots are NOT included in the download. If you would like those you can get those at my tumblr

Of course! The tall shelf has 15 slots, 3 per shelf. The short shelf has 9 slots, 3 per shelf. The coffee table and end tables both have 14 slots, 9 on the top and 5 on the bottom shelf.

Anything Else?
You may notice that some of the table lamp, floor lamp and gear sculpture recolors are shiny and some aren't. The rusty recolors aren't shiny because.. well, RUST! Not that I've never seen rusty stuff that's shiny, because I have, I just thought it would be kind of silly. So no shiny rust here!
The wall lamp's bulb dosen't look lit when that lamp is on unless you get really close to it. I dunno why, I tried to fix it. I think that lamp is jealous because it didn't get any shiny recolors so it's being a brat. But it does light up and it does cast light.
Speaking of lamps and light - none of the lamps are really bright. They cast a warm, mellow light.. which is the look I was going for. (And it looks really nice at night!)
Again speaking of lamps - the wall lamp is kind of high poly because there are 3 gears in the mesh. It's not repositoried to anything and has it's own recolors. If you don't want it because of the polycount, you can delete it or not install it in the first place.
The curtain and curtain rod recolors are separate packages.
The table and floor lamp metal and glass recolors are separate packages.

Catalog Location and Price:
Curtains - 1 tile long and short - Decorative>Curtain for 165 Simoleons; 2 tile long and short - Decorative>Curtain for 195 Simoleons.
Tables - Coffee table - Surfaces>Coffee Table for 115 Simoleons; End table - Surfaces>End Table for 110 Simoleons.
Shelves - Tall shelf - Surfaces>Miscellaneous for 125 Simoleons; Short shelf - Surfaces>Miscellaneous for 85 Simoleons.
Table lamp - Lighting>Tablelamp for 70 Simoleons; Floorlamp - Lighting>Floor Lamp for 75 Simoleons; Wall lamp - Lighting>Walllamp for 85 Simoleons.
Gear sculptures - Large - Decorative>Sculpture for 50 Simoleons; Small - Decorative>Sculpture for 40 Simoleons.

Note: Not everything is base game in this download. You have to have the Ikea Stuff Pack for the couch recolors! My meshes and the other recolors included ARE base game compatible and can be shifted and/or used with the quarter tile cheat. A residential collection file is included in the download - if you have any of the cc meshes I recolored, they will be in the collection file and so will the 2 EA meshes I recolored.

The meshes needed for the rug, cushion and painting recolors are included. For the painting, I only included the MASTER mesh. If you would like the whole set you can get that HERE.

That should be it! Any problems? Please make sure you have all the needed meshes! Any problems that having the needed meshes doesn't solve? Let me know!

Polygon Counts:
1 tile long and short curtains - 788
2 tile long and short curtains - 1076
Coffee table and end table - 186
Tall shelf - 972
Short shelf - 824
Table lamp - 818
Floor lamp - 758
Wall lamp - 2012
Gear sculptures - 630 (both)

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2, SimPE, Buggybooz, MysticRain, for the free image used on some of the cushion recolors.