AF Requests #4: Steak Frites & La Dame Blanche

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AF requests Meals 4: La Dame Blanche & Steak-Frits

These two meals were requested by MTS member lientebollemeis. Both her meals originate from

The meals in this requests are the following below.

1. La Dame Blanche- “The white lady” translated to French is a simple and yet delightful dessert to have. It's made by using french vanilla icecream, whipped cream, a hard cookie, and then drizzled with molten chocolate syrup. This dessert will be found in the new “AF Requests PreM” tab in the fridge menu. It's also cloned from gelatin and can be selected from the fridge premade.

Null Model-1
In Plate- 1198

2. Steak Frites- A seasoned porthouse or sirloin steak that is cooked rare in beer. This steak is served along side of fries. You will find this meal in “AF Requests” fridge tab during lunch. This meal is cloned from pancakes and requires little cooking skill.

Null Model- 1
Ingredients- 1250
Bowl Prep-36
Cook State- 160
From Fridge-996
In Plate- 762

Additional Credits:
Thanks to lientebollemeis for her requests, Simpe, Google Images,, Milkshape 3d, and adobe photoshop