Two-Tone and Monochrome Ombre GT Dipped Hair Recolors

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Uploaded 10th Jan 2016 at 1:44 AM

Presenting... My first attempt at recolors since TS2. Things have gotten a lot more complicated than I remember...

These are recolors of the female 'Dipped' hair from the Get Together EP, and require the EP in order to see them.

This set has 4 recolors. 3 are an improvement (but not a replacement) on the original EA/Maxis, and 1 rest are my own combinations.
I left the hard edge between the the colors to keep the 'dipped' look.

Black to White

True White to Black with grey roots

Bright Orange to Black with dark orange roots

'SheHulk' Bright Green to Purple with dark green roots

Monochrome Ombre
This set has 5 all-new colors.
I tried to blend the two colors to create a better ombre effect, with color-coordinated darkened roots on each one.

Bright Green to Dark Green

Pastel Pink to Dusty Rose

Baby Blue to Dark Blue

Lavender to Violet

Bright Red to Blood Red

CAS Front/Back Shots

Content Credit
Sim: My own Emma Jameson
Skin: S4 Clean Shaven by Kisa_Fayd (sexysims)
Freckles: Darker Freckles by KisaFayd (MTS)
Everything Else: EA/Maxis

Additional Credits: