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Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2016 at 12:32 AM
Updated: 14th Jan 2016 at 12:04 AM
"Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road? Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow..."
...all the way to the Emerald Playground.
No need for ruby slippers, you won't WANT to go home
Don't forget to bring Toto too, this park is designed with our four-legged friends in mind.
But, watch out for lions and tigers and bears - Oh my!

Inspired by one of the most popular movies of all time - Yellow Brick Park is sure to please! Here you'll find fun around every corner, whether you're a tiny tot, a distinguished elder, or have four-legs and a tail (waggy or not)

Check out the map, and plan your trip:

-WOAH! That font is huge, Cat *sheesh* Are you blind?

I'm not guaranteeing this will happen in your game, but one of my first visitors was Good-Witch Glinda. Though she didn't arrive via Bubble, she did bring a bunch of pretty sparklies!

The park is well lit, and open 24/7 - though with the Wicked Witch of the West about, I don't think I'd want to stay past midnight!

Aside from the amenities listed above (in that overly-huge font - sorry!) there are several 'scratching trees' and 'chew-bones' around the grounds to keep puppies and kitties entertained. Pet-food bowls are located near the restrooms, and invisible litter boxes are conveniently tucked away - both for privacy and sim-sensitivities. LOL!

A note about the well: It is set on a diagonal - and the silly sims can't figure out how to use it. If you want it to be functional, you will need to fix this. I kept it on the angle, cuz I liked it better that way. You can either straighten it out and re-arrange the maze a bit, or try SilentLucidities Walk-through Blocks, or just kill it and add a statue...

Required but NOT included: (You will have to "go shopping" for these - just follow the links )
>The Buyable Wishing Well by Black_Spirit and fixed by Numenor

Suggested but NOT included:
>Allow puppy, kitten, toddlers... which allows pets and toddlers to come with you to a community lot.
>LeeFish's Basketball Fix will hide the default Bball court from showing in 'Hood view.
>I'm not sure about the 'garden' upkeep, so I suggest Perfect Plants or Perfect Gardens from Simbology.
>And, if you don't have this already, I would strongly suggest getting the Ceiling Light FIX by Menaceman44 @ MTS2

Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price (furnished): NA

Custom Content by Me:
- YellowBrickRoad-larger
- InvisiLitterbox

Custom Content Included:
- ModularRockStairs-MAIN by Marvine @ MTS2
- FieldPlantWheat050623MESH01 by BitzyBus @ TSR
- PlantCorn050620MESH01 by BitzyBus @ TSR
- Stone Lion by CPDesign @ MTS2
- knight armour rec by decat @ MTS2
- knight armour by decat @ MTS2
- ModularRockStairs-REC1 by Marvine @ MTS2
- Functional 1-Tile Baby Changing Station by MLC @ MTS2
- Shrubbery Fence by N65 - now at the
- Shiftable22backShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- Shiftable22degreeShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- Shiftable22leftShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- Shiftable22rightShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- StackableOMSP11degBaseGame by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- StackableOMSP33leftBG by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- xUnderGroundOMSP2h1 by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- sink-Value-NOToothbrush by Michelle @ MTS2
- Shiftable22backShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- Shiftable22degreeShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- Shiftable22leftShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- Shiftable22rightShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- StackableOMSP11degBaseGameinvi by SilentLucidity at MTS
- StackableOMSP33leftBGinvi by SilentLucidity at MTS
- xUnderGroundOMSP2h1invi by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Homecrafter, SimPE, and Photoshop...
Thank you to the creators of spectacular goodies
...and MTS2 for a great place to share