Industrial Set Curtains ~ Blankified

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Uploaded 12th Jan 2016 at 11:10 AM

Ya know, I just can't leave things alone, lol. There I was - happily building and decorating (because I do both at the same time) when I realized I wanted more curtain recolors. Before I had a chance to get sad about that, I realized there was only 1 possible thing I could do: slave the curtains I was using to Jonesi's bed blanket. I did. And I'm glad I did. So here are the curtains from my BHG Industrial Set slaved to said bed blanket.

What You Get:
1 and 2 tile curtains, in long and short lengths - with working diagonals. (For a total of 8 meshes.)
4 recolors of the curtain rod in black, gold, silver and white.

What You Need To Know:
The curtains are slaved to Jonesi's bed blanket, so you must have that mesh for these to work in your game.
Jonesi's bed blanket mesh is included, in case you don't have it.
The curtain rod can be recolored. Recolor the curtain rod of the 1 tile long curtain to recolor.
The curtain rods of the 1 tile short, 2 tile long and 2 tile short curtains are slaved to the 1 tile long curtain rod. So be sure to keep that mesh to avoid the blue flashies.
Because of the nature of some bed blanket recolors, some may look better than others on these curtains. There are so, so many recolors of the bed blanket available that you're sure to find more than enough that look good! (For example: bed blanket recolors with trim around the outside. The short curtains won't show the trim on the bottom.)

Catalog Location and Price:
1 tile long and short - Decorative>Curtain for 165 Simoleons; 2 tile long and short - Decorative>Curtain for 195 Simoleons.

NOTE: Since I gave these curtains new GUIDs, you can use them along with the curtains from the Industrial Set if you want to!

Polygon Counts:
1 tile long and short - 788
2 tile long and short - 1076

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, Photoshop CS2, SimPE, Jonesi