Harvesting for Children

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Uploaded 25th Jan 2016 at 7:11 AM · Updated 28th Jan 2016 at 12:33 PM by plasticbox

Custom interactions + script that enable harvesting for children. They will use the generic Swipe animation for it, which is pretty similar to the harvesting one, except that it has a different sound and no prop.

Update 2016-01-28: Added the ability for children to talk to plants. They need at least 2 Creative and 4 Social skill for that; the interaction builds Social skill. Affects the same plants as below (i.e. not the lettuce -- for that you also need to have the current test version from the comments).

Does not override anything so it should be pretty collision-safe. The script adds the interactions to the base game harvestable plants, plus the orange tree from this thread (not the lettuce, because that has its own harvesting interactions -- they are now available for children too, but you don't need this mod for that).

Installation: Unzip the folder and put it in /Mods. It contains two files -- one .package and one .ts4script --; you need both.

XML Extractor, Notepad++, Python 3.3, s4pe.

The injector script is by scripthoge.

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