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Default Book Covers and Novel Icons

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Uploaded: 9th Mar 2016 at 12:22 AM
Here are some default books covers and novel writing icons. The covers are from TS4 and they'll replace the covers for children, cooking, drama, mystery, romance, sci-fi and reference books. There's also one for the reward book from the Seasons "Bookshelf of Education" bookcase.

Top Row L-R
Children, Cooking, Drama, Sci-Fi
Bottom Row L-R
Mystery, Reference, Romance, Reward

The skill book cover also replaces the diary cover.

The novel writing icons were extracted from TS4 by TheSimKid. I replaced the book covers for the genre chooser too so that they match. Book covers and novel icons are in separate RAR's in case you only want one of them.

Additional Credits: SimPE and everyone that has an open policy.
TheSimKid for the icons.