Three Lovely Prints on Amaryll's Shirt

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Uploaded 15th Mar 2016 at 4:18 PM

Today I bring you three lovely print patterns on Amaryll's safari shirt.
I highly recommend my updated Amaryll shirt mesh.

updated Amaryll shirt MESH

Additional Credits:
hair: probably by JulieJ, chazzhay, RentedSpace, selenaq13, Artemida, Trapping, Nymphy, dustfinger, SimModa
skin: HystericalParoxysm's Idolatry of Flesh, with my age transition faces
eyes: Phaenoh's Keen Eyes
eyebrows: dragonmandy, Trapping, March of Brows by AlfredAskew, SLU
makeup: my default replacements, just lips by AtomicSpaceKitty, unique lips by AlfredAskew

Huge thanks to the textile artists who made the beautiful printed fabrics!
Thanks to the makers of SimPE, MilkShape, LithUnwrap, GIMP, and other tools.