Unhidden Ambitions Stylist outfits

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2016 at 12:11 PM
Updated: 17th Mar 2016 at 9:15 AM - Fixing stuff that needs fixing
While trawling through the game's files in search for various things, I discovered the Stylist outfits from Ambitions. And whaddya know, they're nice enough to wear as regular clothes, not just as Career outfits! And I didn't even know teens can become Stylists, but apparently EA made uniforms for them too.

Aside from the texture edit on the male Low-End outfits, these are simple CASP resource edits, which involve the following:
  • All Stylist outfits are visible in CAS now.
  • All outfits are enabled for Everyday, Formal, Career, Makeover, and Random.
  • Enabled for Outerwear: Low-End outfit for TF, AF, EF ; High-End outfit for TM, AM, EM.
  • NOT enabled for Outerwear: High-End outfit for TF, AF, EF ; Low-End outfit for TM, AM, EM.

Included in the archive
  • The High-End and Low-End Stylist outfits, for Teen-Elder, males and females.
  • The group screenshots you see above. The cuts are exactly the same for each age group, except modeled to fit those body meshes and with other color variations. I did not include any custom ones; it's what EA provided. I decided to ditch the individual previews because the archive was getting too big for simple stuff like this.

This mod will NOT make the outfits magically appear in your game! You need Ambitions


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