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Hot Chili Plants, Ingredients and Recipes (Updated 18.5.2016)

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Uploaded: 28th Mar 2016 at 4:24 PM
Updated: 18th May 2016 at 5:24 PM - Updated a combined package for easier download
Update 18.5.2016:

Hi,I knew making two versions was going to create a hell of a lot of confusion(Never again !) , so I dragged my feet on uploading this mod for a long time .Next time I am going to make way smaller mods and have only one version!

But I am uploading a combined version now where you have to download only one file for ingredients+recipes :


1) GreenChili_NonVeg_Combined


2) GreenChili_Veg_Combined

Use only one version (Remove all previous packages begining with 'GreenChili' and clear caches before installing the combined package )

Requirement:- CCLoader + World Adventures + Supernatural

Mod Description:
Adds new Plants, Ingredients and Recipes using CCLoader

What does the mod actually do?

It adds 3 plants, 3 plantable ingredients, 6 non-plantable ingredients(3 for Veg Version),14 recipes with custom cooking processes and 14 recipe books to the game.

The mod comes in two versions:

1. Non-Veg
2. Veg

-All the ingredients can be obtained from the Grocery Store.
-The plantable ingredients can be planted,harvested and their seeds can be found in the normal way.
-The Recipe Books can be bought from the Bookstore( the recipes require recipe books to be read)

New Plants:

1. Green Chili Plant
2. Arugula Plant
3. Chick Pea Plant

New Ingredients:


1. Green Chili (plantable)
2. Aragula (plantable)
3. ChickPea (Plantable)
4. Chili Sauce
5. Tempeh
6. Seitan
7. Pork
8. Bacon
9. Ham


1. Green Chili (plantable)
2. Aragula (plantable)
3. ChickPea (Plantable)
4. Chili Sauce
5. Tempeh
6. Seitan

New Recipes + Recipe Books: - All the recipes have custom cooking processes.It was really time consuming to make custom cooking processes for 14 recipes!


1. Ham Aragula Salad
2. Channa Masala
3. Fried Chili Pork
4. Pork Sirloin Steak
5. Ham Sandwich
6. Ham and Mushroom Pie
7. Devil's Pork
8. Mixed Fried Rice
9. Pork Momo
10. Ham Pastry
11. Ham and Eggs
12. Ham Cheesesteak
13. Fried Tempeh
14. Pork Sorpotel


1. Aragula Salad
2. Channa Masala
3. Fried Chili Tofu
4. Spicy Vegetable Steak
5. Tofu Sandwich
6. Mushroom Pie
7. Devil's Tofu
8. Mixed Fried Rice
9. Steamed Tofu Momo
10. Vegetable Pastry
11. Breakfast Plate
12. Chcikpea Steak
13. Fried Tempeh
14. Tofu Sorpotel

Requirement: CCLoader

Game Compatibility : Hot Chili Ingredients (both veg and Non-veg) package requires CCLoader and University Life

Hot Chili(both Veg and Non-Veg)Recipes Package requires CCLoader + Hot Chili Ingredients (both veg and Non-veg) file + World Adventures + Supernatural .

Made with Game Version 1.67

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod as CCLoader uses a custom script to load the xmls


-douglasveiga for the awesome tool

-Arsil for the most helpful tutorial

-icarus_allsorts and echoweaver for immense help with the custom Cooking processes

-desiree101 for awesome name suggestions.

-Inge Jones and Simlogical - For S3PE -Blender




1) Hot Chili_Ingredients_Non-Veg : for custom plants and Non-Veg ingredients(requires CCLoader and University Life )

2) Hot Chili_Recipes_Non-Veg : for Custom Non-Veg Recipes ( Requires CCLoader + Hot Chili_Ingredients_Non-Veg file + World Adventures + Supernatural )

3) Hot Chili_Ingredients_Veg : for custom plants and Veg ingredients(requires CCLoader and University Life )

4) Hot Chili_Recipes_Veg : for Custom Veg Recipes ( Requires CCLoader + Hot Chili_Ingredients_Veg file + World Adventures + Supernatural )

Use either Non-Veg version or Veg Version i.e, either 1 and 2 OR 3 and 4(Do not use the Non-veg and Veg version together)