KSK very basic recolors of FreeTime toddler overalls (white T shirts)

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Uploaded 5th Apr 2016 at 5:31 PM

Hi everyone,

No originality from me for this particular upload I'm afraid. Just a quick recolor of the existing Maxis FreeTime toddler overalls, because I actually quite them because they are really well done.

The only thing that bugged me was that they put very highly patterned T-shirts with highly patterned overalls... which wasn't to my liking,
so I replaced the garish (to me) shirts with a nice, simple, plain white T-shirt. Which is also a Maxis texture - it is the child's T-shirt.

So, these are the existing FreeTime toddler overalls, just with a Maxis white T-shirt instead of the highly patterned T-shirts, plus a couple of additional colours.

For the denim overalls, I made the stitching yellow and added some red stripy highlights for fun. Oh, and making the maxis sandals brown.


Credits (even though there is already a section for credits but I suppose it doesn't hurt to repeat it): Maxis for all textures.

Additional Credits:
Maxis for all textures