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ShiningLips- Set of 6 Lipsticks for all female sims

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2016 at 7:40 PM

I greet!

This is actually a small thing, considering it took two days and excessive use of paint programs.

I've made a hobby of researching makeup artists on instagram, and one I found was @makeupby_isela. I've been attempting at makeup creations in TS2 for awhile, and I finally found a video with an image that fit perfectly into the texture for lipstick

Of course, none of these colors are the original, but modified versions of it. The original was a sort of boring pinkish-beige color, so I made more bold ones.

Yes, I know the names are weird. I say it like it is.


(I want to click the Add Bacon button but idk what it does I'm scared I'm not clicking it heheheheheheheheheh)