Abbey of Saint Maron

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The Abbey of Saint Maron is an Art Deco/Gothic Revival monastic compound complete with a chapel, cloisters, and living quarters.

An elegant mixture of Gothic shapes and subtle Art Deco details, this abbey is both dramatic and restrained. A towering steeple and prominent gables define the roofline, but a soft color scheme humbly grounds the structure. The chapel on the right is the focal point, and the living quarters are to the left. Nestled between them is a cloistered quadrangle. There is an enclosed flower garden next to the chapel and another walled garden with harvestables off of the cloisters to the front.

The interior of the chapel is richly decorated with black marble floors, burgundy rugs and upholstery, and natural and whitewashed stone. The tower houses public restrooms with stalls, an office for a priest, and a private suite for the resident bell-ringer with access to the belfry. Beneath the chapel is a crypt.

The living quarters, in contrast, are much more spartan in decoration. A door from the chapel leads into a well-stocked library. From the library is a lounge, then the dining hall, and finally the kitchen. On the upper floor is a well-lit room for art, an office and suite for the abbot or abbess, five single bedrooms, and one double occupancy bedroom. The basement of the living quarters has another lounge, an unused room, and two rooms for exercise. Throughout the whole complex there are eight full bathrooms and the public restroom with two stalls off the lobby of the chapel. Overall there is sleeping for nine. (Ten if someone (gasp!) sleeps with the abbot/abbess... for shame!!!)

World Adventures is absolutely necessary. Ambitions provides a few trees. Late Night for the piano. Generations is used for windows, the wedding arch, and wallpaper in the chapel. The roof color is from Island Paradise.

Store Content:
Gothique Window
Traceried Window from Gothique Library

Should not be necessary, but recommended fixes:
armiel's brass bed fix
omegastarr82's fix for Gothique Window

CFE was used heavily on the roof gables and to increase the height of the steeple. Use caution when modifying the lot.

This lot is zoned as a standard residential, though it could be used as a university dormitory. (Dibs on the bell-ringer's suite!) Zoning the lot as community will lose the stoves in the kitchen.

I will eventually (hopefully) be uploading a version that does not use Store items and uses only World Adventures.

The chapel was quite inspired by St. Mary's Church in Muncie, Indiana.
Thanks to all my buddies in the Architecture group and everyone here at MTS!

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 228,000
Lot Price (unfurnished): 171,256