3 default replacements for FT male toddler overalls

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Uploaded 12th May 2016 at 1:16 AM

These are default replacements for pmbodyoverallshorts, the knee-length toddler overalls from FreeTime. Since they replace an outfit in FreeTime, they will not work properly if FreeTime is not installed.

The basic replacement outfits are from this set by Knightskykyte; I used the light blue and light green striped overalls, and the dark blue with red-striped cuffs. There are three sets, each in its own rar file. Each set consists of three replacement packages, one for each outfit, so you can choose which outfits to replace, and what to replace them with.

Set 1) uses KSK's textures as texture replacements for the Maxis outfits. The other two sets use shoeswaps on meshes by YanderePlum, which are included in the rar files. Set 2) uses base-game sneakers on this mesh, and set 3) uses Vans on this mesh.

While you can only have one replacement for any given outfit, you should be able to use my replacement packages with other defaults for pmbodyoverallshorts, as long as my packages load last. However, since set 1) uses the Maxis mesh, you cannot use it with defaults for pmbodyoverallshorts that replace the Maxis mesh.

Poly counts:
BG sneakers: 1950 faces; 1548 vertices
Vans: 2026 faces; 1650 vertices

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the original mesh and textures.
YanderePlum, for the shoeswapped meshes.
Knightskykyte, for the outfits.