Eight Generic Thank You Notes for MogHughson's Postal System (Now English and Simlish!)

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Uploaded: 27th May 2016 at 4:57 PM
Updated: 13th Sep 2016 at 7:02 PM
I was looking through all of the card options here on MTS for MogHughson's Postal System and I realized...there are no Thank You Cards! Every time one of my Sims gets married the first thing I do is send Thank You Notes to everyone who attends the wedding! So, I thought that I'd upload my own to hopefully solve others' problems and present eight new Thank You Notes in both English and Simlish to use with MogHughson's Postal System.

For those not familiar with MogHughson's Postal System, if you download these cards along with her wonderful postal system you're able to send cards to your friends and family within the community via your mailbox. You can receive cards, send cards, and even display them in your house. And since all Residential Houses have mailboxes, it's the perfect add on to your Sims game! (See MogHughson's page for further information)

For this upload, I've created 8 random Thank You Cards in ENGLISH and SIMLISH that range from Graduations to Weddings. (Simlish Cards read the same as English cards)

1) Blue Zigzag "Thank You" Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "Thank you so much for all the work you do!"

2) Yellow Lily "Thank You" Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "Hey thank you, it really means a lot."

3) Yellow "Thank You" Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "A big thanks for everything you've done."

4) Green Presents Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "Thank you so much for the gift!"

5) Colorful Zigzag Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "A huge thank you from me, to you!"

6) Graduation Cap Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "Thank you for all your support through the years and helping me celebrate as I graduate into the real world."

7) Wedding "Thank You" Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "Thank you for helping us celebrate and being a part of our wedding. You helped make our day special."

8) Green "Thank You" Card: Titles "Thank You" and reads "A huge thank you from me, to you!"

As requested, I created a Simlish version of these Thank You Cards. The only difference between the cards is instead of saying "Thank You" on the front, they read "Litzergam" (Simlish version of Thank You). There are 2 files you can download, the Simlish version or the English version. (For those techie people: the guids are different for the Simlish version cards so you can have both English & Simlish versions of cards in your game)

Things you Should Know:
A few cards (ex: Graduation Cap Card) look a little wonky when choosing which card you want to send on the "pick a card to send" menu. As in, the graphics look weird. But they are perfectly fine and appear just as the pictures above when sent and look completely normal when you set them on display so there's really no problem there. Just letting you all know so you don't have a panic attack like I did the first time I saw it. (hehe)

Remember if you don't have MogHughson's Postal System, none of these cards will work so make sure to download it first before any card recolors!

P.S. If you're looking for more card recolors, I recently put up three birthday cards and Mother's Day Cards for your little simmies. (Not to mention I'm working on more)

Custom Content Featured In Pictures: Honeywell's Pretty and Practical Kitchen Shelves (I love these!) and Parsimonious's Plant from their Schokolade Collection (gorgeous collection!).

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments! And yes, I do take requests for card recolors

Additional Credits:
I'm am extremely grateful to MogHughson and her amazing Postal System with instructions!

And a big thanks to Parsimonious.org and Honeywell for the fantastic custom content! As well as clipartion.com (Fancy Thank You Script), welovesolo.com (Folded Striped Pic), wallpaperrun.com (Blue Chevron Pic), clipartbest.com (Graduation Cap Pic & Presents Clipart), and clipartpal.com (Yellow Lily Pic) for their Public Domain pictures featured on my cards.

And a huge thanks to SimPE, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, Nvidia DDS Utilities (SimPE help), FRAPS (screenshot help), and Mod The Sims for all of their help with the technical side of this project.

I couldn't have done this without all of their hard work before me