Sunnyview Apartments (30x30, no CC)

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2016 at 4:32 AM
Updated: 14th Jun 2016 at 6:32 AM - Added screenshots of example rooms. Oops!
Lot description
This apartment complex is modern enough to provide all living amenities, and old enough to not be that expensive.
Each floor features four apartments which can be remodeled according to the owner's taste, with balconies
to admire the beautiful view. Routing can be done either by elevator or stairs.

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 129,260
Lot Price (unfurnished): 129,260

Buy today! Nice neighborhood, with a great view!
This is a "shell"/template of an apartment complex - only the common areas are "done", the rest are minimally painted to allow for easy customization. The last three screenshots show examples of what you can build within it: a small apartment home, a classroom, and a gym. Since it's a bare template with a nice but not too "out there" design, you can remodel and decorate it to serve a multitude of purposes, like:
- to quickly create blocks within a city (maybe change the highlighting color?);
- as a legacy home, with one generation per apartment/floor;
- as a shopping mall or business center, with each space dedicated to a different store/learning space;
- as an apartment lot (you will have to add the lot markers, call box, and trash chute yourself, as well as set NPC doors).

- lot size: 30x30.
- zoned as: regular Residential lot (not apartment lot).
- space: 5 floors (ground + 4 floors) which feature 20 separated apartments in total.
- apartments: big and small; small apartments have small balconies, while big apartments have big balconies (see comparison pic).
- outside: a small sitting area with three benches and some flowers. Mailbox is near the entrance, garbage bin is to the left of the building.
- cost: $129,260 (it's unfurnished).
- format: .sims3pack, install through Launcher. For .package version go here:

No custom content included, but requires Late Night for the elevator.
To move between floors, sims can either take the elevator or descend via stairs. I think you can use this lot if you don't have LN, by simply deleting the elevator and/or replacing it with stairs. I initially wanted "proper" stairs, 2 tiles wide and placed one on top of the other, but the stairway on the 4th floor really didn't want to cooperate
As a sidenote, sims will prefer the elevator when traveling from the higher floors to the ground floor.