Restaurant furniture - new color

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2016 at 12:22 PM
Updated: 9th Jul 2016 at 7:53 PM - added new item

Added recolor for single versions of booths from Dine Out by Veranka.
It works as normal dining chair.

Veranka have all EA original colors.

Note: Place a dining table first and then add the booth. (See photo about how they can position)

All credit go to Veranka for the mesh of two type of booths.
I have Veranka permission to upload modified mesh for Dine out
(new tag).

If you don’t have Dine out
1. Download mesh from here: :
2. Download “Veranka single booth base game RC” -my recolor

If you have Dine out downlod the files below in order to show up on the restaurant furniture menu:
(Added new tag)
1. “Veranka single booth Dine out” -original mesh with tag changed for restaurant menu
2. “Veranka single booth dine out RC” – my recolor


I found that the colors of the furniture for the restaurant are too simple and a little yellowed and somewhat tedious.
I wanted more color to make the ambient more attractive so I created the new colors.

There are 7 options for each item. I might say that i have created 7 new sets.

EDIT: I added a new version of wooden chairs with 2 color (see the last photo on slide)

NOTE: I couldn't find on upload the tick for Dine out, but Is required in order to operate

(Sorry for my poor English)

Additional Credits:
created with Sims 4 Studio