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'No Stretch' Children can Series

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2016 at 12:01 AM
- These mods convert adult motion to child one. Children can use objects with no stretch. -
  • children_can_gardening v1.1
    Children can gardening and take seeds, but cannot use "tend" command.
    - Requirements
  • children_can_get_mail_pay_bills v1.0
    Children can get mail and pay bills.
    If you want to be paid bills by children, you need to install get_mail for get bills from Mailbox.
    - Requirements
  • children_can_do_Alchemy v1.0
    Children can make Elixir with Alchemy station in Supernatural.
    - Requirements
  • children_can_do_laundry v1.1
    Children can do laundry.
    - Requirements
    Any EP/SP including Washing Machine
  • children_can_perform_music v1.2
    Children can perform music with Guitar, Drums, Piano and Keyboards.
    Base is too large for children, cannot play.
    - Requirements
    None (Guitar only)
    Late Night (Piano/Keyboards, Drums)
  • children_can_take_hottub v1.0
    Children can take hottub.
    - Requirements
    Any EP/SP including hottub
  • children_can_use_firepits_fireplaces v1.0
    Children can set fire to firepit and fireplaces.
    - Requirements
  • children_can_buy_all_except_drink v1.1
    Children can buy at Register in WorldAdventures, Bar and Taco-stand Car in LateNight, Coffee Bar and Roentgen Register in UniversityLife.
    But they cannot buy any drinks.
    - Requirements
    World Adventures and/or Late Night and/or University Life
  • children_can_cut_and_trans_gems_ingots v1.0
    Children can use `Gem-U-Cut Machine` in Supernatural and `Carter's Display case` in WorldAdventures.
    - Requirements
    Supernatural and/or WorldAdventures
  • children_can_make_nectar v1.0
    Children can make nectar and use NectarRack, but cannot drink nectar.
    - Requirements
    World Adventures
  • children_can_sculpture v1.0
    Children can sculpture at 'Pedestrian Sculpting Station' in Ambitions.
    - Requirements
  • children_can_use_sketchbook v1.0
    Children can use sketchbook in UniversityLife, but cannot 'ask to sketch'.
    - Requirements
    University Life
  • children_can_perform_storeviolin v1.0
    Children can play violin of store contents.
    - Requirements
    'Fit as a Fiddle Violin' store content

- These mods are extra packages of 'No Stretch' series.
  • children_can_call_services v1.0
    Children can call services with telephone/smartphone.
    - Requirements
  • children_can_read_skillbook_music v1.1
    Children can read SkillBook (include photographic skill) and SheetMusic.
    Other settings (reading speed etc.) are defaults.
    - Requirements
    - Conflicts
    Other SkillBook Mods
  • children_can_check_skills v1.0
    This mod displays some skills for other 'Children can Series'.
    (Gardening, Nector, Guitar etc.)
    - Requirements
    - Confricts
    Other 'Display (hidden) Skill' Mods and 'Change learning-speed of Skills' Mods