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A Proper Fix to the Proper Trait for 1.67 [UPDATED:~8/1/2016] - *Supernatural Required*!

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2016 at 2:11 PM
Updated: 2nd Aug 2016 at 2:26 AM
This mod requires the Supernatural EP as the Proper trait came with it
It also works with 1.67, but I'm pretty sure it might work with other versions (1.69).

*This mod caused a number of other traits to not do what they're supposed to (eg. Natural Cook not gaining the cooking skill faster than it normally should), and it's been fixed. You must re-install this mod if you installed it, and make sure you delete your caches (scriptCache to be exact).

I like the Proper trait, I love using it with my princess/snobbish/himedere-like and maid characters. However, something was always bugging me about it. In the in-game description, the Proper trait is said to care more about their decorations and surroundings than normal Sims , but a proper Sim only gains a little mood from surrounding moodlets, than normal Sims. Why would a Sim with a trait like Proper give only a +10 mood to a Beautifully Decorated room and those without it give it a +40 mood?

This simple tuning mod changes the mood of moodlets that are affected only if the Sim has the Proper trait. The "decorated" moodlets give a Proper Sim more mood than a regular Sim with my mod, but it gives a more negative mood to the "Dirty/Filthy/Vile Surroundings" than a normal Sim (ex: the Proper trait gives "Vile Surroundings" a -60 mood with my mod).

What this mod does

Proper by default gives +5 mood to Decorated, and +10 mood to Nicely Decorated and Beautifully Decorated.
My mod fixes it so Proper gives +20 mood to Decorated, +35 mood to Nicely Decorated, and +60 mood to Beautifully Decorated. (As seen with pre-made Sim Cornelia Goth, changed to Proper, in the screenshots giving a +60 mood to her Beautifully Decorated bedroom and Gunther Goth, a Sim without Proper, only giving a +40 mood.)
Proper by default gives -5 to Dirty Surroundings, -10 to Filthy Surroundings, and -15 to Vile Surroundings
My mod fixes that as well, Proper gives -20 mood to Dirty Surroundings, -35 mood to Filthy Surroundings, and -60 mood to Vile Surroundings.
All of the fixed moods are higher, or lower for negative moodlets, than a normal Sim's.
The spoiler shows an example and is there because the images are quite big.

Proper Sims will always have a -5 mood for "Disgusted" despite me changing it to -15 mood.

Mod Conflicts

Any mod that modifies the TraitTuning_0xc4e3fd010a0b7db0.XML will conflict with my mod.
I've a few Nraas/Twallan mods and tested with them, including MasterController and StoryProgression, and they work with mine.

Additional Credits: