The Tech Hub - Urban Apartments and Shops

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The Tech Hub - Urban Apartments and Shops

Housing is at a PREMIUM in Cities like San Francisco. The Tiny apartment movement is all the rage, but don't think that tiny = cheap. Oh no. These are premium priced apartments for downtown urban living.

The street level has it's own entrance for the Glo-Buzz club. It has a Grocery store, a pastry shop, a corner coffee shop. For residents there is a private spa accessible through the garden entrance lobby. I recommend you place it on a corner because it was built for a corner lot. I constructed it in NewCrest.

This is the grocery store.

I did not make the Sims 2 grocery conversions. You can get them at SimLifeCC

On the second floor apartment level, an open stairway lobby opens to 4 compact studios, 2 1-bedroom apartments and 2 2-bedroom apartments. Each door is lockable for just that tenant.

One Bedroom Apartment:

The third floor is the Hub - exercise rooms that view into the pools and a computer room. There are showers, restrooms and chess in the 3rd level lobby. There is also a maintenance hall.
The rooftop has a dive pool, a lap pool, picnic and grilling areas, conversation areas and a hot tub.

The Tech Hub has just about everything a tenant needs. Tenants only have to leave for work if they don't telecommute. You can have several home businesses on the ground floor.

This lot was modeled from a real life tiny-tech apartment complex in downtown San Francisco. Of course this lot was SIM-ized for TS4.

Caveat: Ok, The Sims 4 doesn't have apartments YET. But this is usable as an apartment for a bunch of unrelated individuals. Just assign them a room and lock their doors just for them. The sims have a tendency to start cooking in one apartment and then move to another to finish up so to keep them in their assigned apartment, lock out the unused apartments.

You will have to use the cheat 'freeRealEstate on" to initially afford this lot because it is expensive.

This is play tested and the sims don't stomp unless you have more than one sim trying to use the restroom on the ground level lobby because that short hall is single width.

I have all EPs and SPs and updates up to July 24, 2016 and this lot contains something of everything. If you don't have the stuff packs, those items won't appear.

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 650,829
Lot Price (unfurnished): 182,469

Additional Credits:
SimsLifeCC for the Sims 2 grocery conversions - NOT INCLUDED.

Get the Sims 2 Grocery conversions at: