Yellow-Lined Asphalt Roads

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2016 at 9:19 PM
Updated: 17th Apr 2020 at 8:29 PM by HugeLunatic - changed category
Hello again everyone, i now have a shiny new global mod for anyone bored with the old maxis roads!

This Road Mod replaces the original maxis white broken-lined roads with solid yellow-lined roads that makes it not look like a road you can pass on,
as these roads clearly say: DO NOT PASS! because your local neighborhood road should not look like a highway.

this road mod supports all 4 of the terrains, and is fully seasons enabled too! and you can enjoy this mod with no expansions required!
Here are some more images of the road mod that show it in-action:

and these roads are not freshly paved, the asphalt is grey like the original maxis roads. if you want freshly paved roads with black asphalt,
then go look at my older road mod here: Freshly Paved Asphalt Roads

this Road Mod is also Fully automatic, which means that you just drop it into your downloads folder and you are good to go!
and when done with it, you just delete it and you will have your old roads back.

That's it, Hope you guys enjoy this road mod, have fun!

How to Install and Uninstall:

To Install: Cut and Paste into your Downloads Folder.

To Uninstall: Delete from your Downloads Folder
Mod Information

Seasons Enabled: Yes.
Compressed: Yes.
Mod Type: Global Mod.
Filesize: 5.32mb (5,327kb)

Conflicts: This Road mod will conflict with any other road mod, and it will also conflict with
mzcynnamon's Neighborhood Greener Grass, which happens to modify some road textures that this one does.

Latest Version: 1.1 (1B072) - September 16, 2016.
Changes in version 1.1 build 1B072, from version 1.0 build 1A123:

• Added Embedded Floor Tiles for Advanced Users.

Other Notes: This road mod is not to be confused with: Yellow Lined Roads!!!!! by simfan1980,
This mod is much different from his, visually and functionally.

Programs/Tools Used: SimPE v0.72.01c, The Compressorizer, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, MSPaint (Windows 7).

Additional Credits:
Kukamuukaanmuka for her feedback when this mod was being developed.