Art Nouveau Fireplaces and Surrounds

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2016 at 10:20 PM
Greetings, Simmers!!!

While searching for Arts and Crafts wall coverings for my current house building binge, I happened upon the most gorgeous fireplaces and surrounds I have ever seen. Well, needless to say, I simply had to have them for my game and decided that it was only fair for me to share them with you.

The fireplaces are all recolors of the Raynuss Column Fireplace found at "Imagine That!" : https://rdnussimaginethat.blogspot....-fireplace.html

The fireplace (with no chimney) is found under misc appliances for 499 simoleons
The fireplace surrounds in "Apple Tree", "Prairie" and "Poppy" are found under paneling for zero simoleons
The matching wallpapers are found under wallpaper for zero simoleons

I have included the .psp file of the actual fireplace surround so that you can make your own if you choose to do so


Additional Credits:
Thank you to Raynuss, StephSims and Sophie-David for ongoing encouragement and inspiration

Thank You Delphy for MTS

Thank you, Numenor, RGiles and Quaxi for SimPE and the Clean Installer Thank you, Simming community!