Roses and Castles - A Canal Narrowboat

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Uploaded 29th Aug 2016 at 2:09 AM

A traditional narrowboat for Sims 3 (albeit with a distinct lack of pointiness around the bows): an exercise in trying to pack a lot into a small space and an excuse to play around with the ‘Roses and Castles’ style of canal painting.

Despite the compact floor plan, it has accommodation for four and play-testing with four adults produced a surprising lack of pathing issues. The main problem is that, when in port, the paperboy walks right through the boat to drop the paper in the bows. Replacing the archway at the stern with a normal front door would fix that but I wanted something that looked more authentic.

The boat has a master bedroom with full bathroom, children’s room with bunk beds and adjoining all-in-one bathroom, kitchen/dining/living/study area and outdoor sitting/dining area.

Content used:
Expansions: Requires Island Paradise. Pets, Generations and University Life used heavily. A few items from World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night.
Stuff packs: One decorative item each from Fast Lane and Town Life.

Free store content:
Explorer’s Loot
Harvest Bounty

Other store content:
Barnacle Bay (portholes and a few decorative items)
Woven Wicker Baskets
Stone’s Throw Greenhouse (several items, all of which could easily be replaced by other content)
B Harvard’s Water Collection Set
Peasant’s Potted Plants from Monte Vista

Lot size: 22x8 (20x6) houseboat - narrow barge

Lot Size: 20x10
Lot Price (furnished): 39731
Lot Price (unfurnished): 21685

Additional Credits:
Velocitygrass for the deco removal tool (used on the kitchen canisters on the counter by the door. They should be OK without the mod unless you try to recolour them).