Maxis Match Tudor Walls and Rock Terrains

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2016 at 9:18 AM
Hiya Simmers!

Today I have a Tudor style build set to share with you. This set includes ten walls and two rock terrain paints. This uses entirely Maxis textures, so it will obviously be maxis match.

For the wall sets, I combined the Fay's Fieldstone stone walls and the Running the Rapids stone walls with the Way Off White Stucco walls with Dark Timbering to make a set with stone on the bottom half, stucco on the top, and dark timbering throughout. While this set is only 10 walls, it actually coordinates with 21 other walls that are already in your game (counting a few without any timbering). I've included some screen shots of the maxis walls for reference.

The terrain paints are maxis textures that I have simply redone as terrain paints. They are the rocks from the Running the Rapids stone walls, and a terrain version of the "Non-Slip Floor" stone floor. I have previously included the Running the Rapids terrain paint in some of my uploads, but have never had it available on its own before. These are both textures that I wanted to be able to use on the edge of ponds, the sides of cliffs, in irregular pathways, etc. So... there you go.

These are all base-game compatible, but if you're missing expansions then you may not have all the coordinating pieces. The "Running the Rapids" stone walls are from University, the "Non-Slip Floor" stone floor is from Open for Business, and I think the Fay's Fieldstone and Way Off White Stucco walls are base-game.

The walls are all found in the stone wall category, and they each cost $11. (For reference: Maxis's timbered stone walls cost $11, and timbered stucco costs $10). The terrain paints are found with the rest of the terrain paints, and cost the same as all terrain paints (which depends on the size of the brush).

There are four rar files attached, and you do not need them all!
I've broken the download out for those who wish to pick and choose. You can get just the Fay's Fieldstone Walls, just the Running the Rapids walls, just the Terrain paints, or everything. If you want it all, you only need to download the one labeled "All".

What will you create? A quaint cottage? An imposing castle keep?


Additional Credits:
The window and door recolors shown were done by hippi and are available here: OpenMe Doors and Windows