Murao San Young Adult Girl

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Murao is a young adult girl who has a crush on her headteacher. Currently she's trying to move on due to rejection from him. She's lazy, confident and very attractive. She is type of a listener. She enjoys making music in her free time.

A few pictures of her:

Custom Content by Me:
- Murao San

Custom Content Included:
- -Lilith-Advent Eyebrows 3-black by Lilith
- Eyes by Zodapop
- Alfi Y-NoseSide Tone1 by AlfredAskew
- eyebags by AlfredAskew
- -Lilith-Mintclover Smudgy Liner by Lilith
- - Blush by Barcelonista
- -Lilith-Mouseyblue Twiggy Lashes by Lilith
- Lashes by Lilith
- [Pooklet] Teeth-Kicker (RenSim Bright) by Pooklet
- Lipgloss by Joyle
- Cleotopia by Cleotopia
- [Noodle] Nabila + Maaron - 2 by NoodleSims
- Skin by Mouseyblue
- hair by Skysims
- Mesh hair by Skysims
- Clothing by Simsonia
- sclera by Pooklet
- philtrum v1 by FocManic
- Lips by Teru_k
- Eyeliner by Haiduong