Strawberry Banana Sherbet! (Sherbet Collection Pt. 7) w/Simlish & English Buckets

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2016 at 11:04 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2016 at 10:59 PM
Hello Everyone! I know, I know, it has been a long time since I've uploaded anything. More than a month! But I'm learning college can really take up most (if not all) of your time. I had made this beautiful sherbet back in September, but I never got around to actually uploading it. So, without further delay I present to you a recolor of crocobaura's original Mango & Watermelon Ice Cream, a delicious bucket of Strawberry Banana Sherbet!

Back in September when I was thinking of possible Sherbet ideas, I decided I wanted to combine a few flavors together. The best combination that came to mind was Strawberry Banana, so I started playing around with some textures and colors. If you take a look at the sherbet, I combined the two flavors together and then added some fun slices of Banana on the side!

Wait...what is sherbet?

Sherbet is essentially a sweet frozen dessert made with fruit and some sort of dairy product such as milk or cream. It's similar to ice cream in consistency but has a fruit base to it. So, yes, delicious.

Details You SHOULD Know...

Downloading: I have created two different buckets to contain this delicious Strawberry Banana Sherbet, a Simlish and English version. DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE TYPE. Both buckets have the same guids so for your own sanity, please download only one zip. Both contain everything you need for the sherbet to work in game so there's nothing to worry about. (They are very clearly marked)

What You Are Getting:

Each zipped file has 3 items:
-a mesh of the sherbet itself
-an English/Simlish bucket
-a custom plate for the sherbet

The original creator of this mesh, crocobaura, designed a custom plate and you need it in your downloads folder for this to work. But like I mentioned before, everything you need is in each zip.

Cooking/Serving: The sherbet has been cloned from base game gelatin, and so your sim won't need any cooking skill to pop it out of the fridge. You will find it under "Serve Dessert..." and "Make/Make Many..." if you have the OFB expansion pack. And as per the norm, it serves 6 sims.

Fork vs. Spoon Dilemma: My Sims game does not work correctly with spoons and so there isn’t a way for me to test it. Therefore, your sim will eat it with a fork. If you want to try and change it yourself, I suggest checking out this thread. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts...
I am so very glad to be uploading something again, I really hope you guys enjoy my bucket of Strawberry Banana Sherbet. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just like the sherbet in general feel free to leave a comment! Thank you everyone for your patience!!

Curious to what I'm working on next? I keep a brief and updated segment dedicated to this on my profile page.

Additional Credits:
Custom Content Featured in Pictures: I used both the "Ice Cream Earrings" and the pink table/chair from "'Love Me, Spiral' Furniture Set" created by 4w25, but it seems she has deleted all of her downloads... Also, all of the lovely ice cream shop themed items are from the "Ice Cream Shoppe" collection at Retail Sims. And finally, featured in my upload photo above is a pink uniform from, "Uniforms for your Ice Cream Shop (PINK) Pt. 1" created by me.

Design: Big thanks to,, and for their lovely pictures featured on my work!

Technical: And finally, a huge thanks to SimPE.78, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), Nvidia DDS Utilities (SimPE work), Mod The Sims, SIMale (Simlish Font Download), crocobaura (original mango & watermelon ice cream and ice cream plate meshes), AriesFlare (amazing info and pdf doc. tutorial on creating custom foods) and all of those here at Mod the Sims who inspire me to keep uploading.

I could not have done it without all of their hard work before me!