Maxis-Match Fictional Movie Posters

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2016 at 5:58 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2016 at 3:14 PM by Rguerra

There's already some good movie posters custom content around there, but I felt the need to make some that would fit in my game. Those films are fictional titles created by me and with images from the game using some poseboxes and simlish text (hence the maxis-match). I tried to make it diverse as possible and so each one of the movies should fit a specific genre.

The simlish titles (along with the subtitles of some of them) are, by the order they appear starting for the second image, from left to right:

1. The Ultimate Parallel (Science Fiction)
2. Captain Hero - When Sim City needs a protector (Superhero)
3. Eternal Darkness - You can't run, you can't hide (Horror)
4. Dreamland's Quest (Fantasy)
5. Love Questions (Romance)
6. The Last Mission - Will they survive? (Action)
7. The Sound of Violence (Crime Drama)

The posters are recolors of "Pineapple by Lynn D'Saye" and thus requires Nightlife.

Additional Credits:
Softwares used: SimPE Gimp

Special thanks for:

SynapticSim and decorgal21572, for sharing some of the poseboxes I used to make this.
inkandchaos and SIMale, for sharing the simlish fonts that I also used to make this.