49 Enayla Pixie Skins Geneticized and Townified!

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2016 at 2:00 AM
Everyone loves Enayla's beautiful pixie skins - she has made so many!

I have taken 49 of them, colour-sorted them and then geneticized them so that you can have a truly varied neighbourhood and sim offspring who will inherit from a large selection of skin tones (depending on how many files you put in your game, and how far apart on the spectrum the parents are).

To sort them, I used the formula lightness = 0.21 R + 0.72 G + 0.07 B (which is a thing), taking a sample of colour from the edge of the face. So although you may not agree with the order by looking at the colours, it was the best thing I could come up with!

You will certainly need the four default skins (Blue Midnight, Pixie Hush, Pixie Joyless and Golden Grace). These are the only essential skins, and your game will function just fine with them, but that's a very limited choice! You can download any or all of the other skins, depending on just how much variety you want.

The first image shows the ordered faces extracted from the skin packages, with the red ones being the default colours. This is the total variety, and just about every non-fantasy skin Enayla has made (that I could find).

The second image shows Joe and Jo Public and their brood. Joe has Golden Grace skin, the lightest one, and his wife has Blue Midnight, the darkest. Their InSIMenated children therefore take their skin tones from the full selection available, and this is what the game chose to give them. Aren't they a lovely family?!

The skins are also townified so your townies will wear them and join the breeding spectrum. They have been assigned values from 0.1 (Default S4) to 0.9 (Default S1) so they all lie between these two.

Many many thanks to Enayla for her amazing art work. I am really enjoying playing with them in my game. I hope you do too!

Additional Credits:
http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=40418 and http://www.insimenator.org/index.php?board=348.0 SimPE