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Minnie Mouse Playable Dolls (2 versions!)

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2016 at 5:11 AM
Hi y'all!

Today I come to you with my new dolls, Minnie Mouse!
She is the lovely little critter from the magic land of Disney, partner of Mickey Mouse. She is known for her enchanting personality and her adorable smile.
Hope your little sims enjoy it as much as I do!

Minnie Mouse Old Style:

Minnie Mouse:

Both Minnie Mouse versions has 3 recolorable channels and they both cost $50

PS. More Disney characters will be coming in the future.

Polygon Counts:
Minnie Mouse Old Style:
--- High LOD: 3272 polys / 2122 vertices
--- Medium LOD: 712 polys / 760 vertices

Minnie Mouse:
--- High LOD: 3610 polys / 2329 vertices
--- Medium LOD: 837 polys / 511 vertices

Additional Credits:
TSRW, Paint.NET, Milkshape, JustJones, Buckley, Spladoum and The Create Chat <3