Adult skills for children

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2016 at 12:31 AM
Updated: 12th Jul 2023 at 2:25 PM
I am no longer editing this mod as EA has changed the way children gain skills, and therefore this mod is no longer needed. I may change my mind if the EA update doesn't work in the way I wanted but that is unlikely

updated 7/20 updated for Cottage living patch. Children now can learn gardening when maxing mental, and cooking/baking when maxing creativity

Children in the sims 4 can do a lot, and there are surprising amount of skills they can learn. However, these skills are locked away until they maximize the associated child skill. For some skills, this makes sense, and it is fun to unlock them. However, for other skills, (such as piano, singing, violin, etc), it is annoying as children will sound bad when playing these instruments (or singing karaoke), until they completely maximize their child creativity skill. Maximizing these skills takes a decent amount of time, and if one is playing on normal or a shorter lifespan, they may not be able to see their child sim sing or play instruments decently (or unlock the higher tier songs) without resetting their age.

Thanks to this mod, child sims can now learn certain adult skills without needing to maximize the associated child skill. At the same time, certain adult skills are still unlockable to give players an incentive to maximize child skills.

Children can now learn the following adult skills before maximizing the associated child skill.
  • Piano (Now kids can actually sound good and become music prodigies)
  • Violin (Once again kids can sound good and can even busk using the performance stage if you have city life EP and lvl 3 of this skill
  • Singing (Sims sound really cute when they get good at singing, and they can learn all the karaoke songs. They can even sing some songs while playing instruments)
  • Video Game (It makes no sense why kids couldn't learn video games before maximizing child mental skill as kids play a lot of video games.
  • Fishing (For players who want to create outdoor loving kids.
  • Mischief (Now your kids can be hooligans too... or just cause a bit of mischief)
  • Selvadorada culture. Cause kids can enjoy foreign culture too.
  • Media Production. (Kids love youtube).

The skills that are unlocked upon maxing certain child skills are
Charisma (max child social)
Logic (Max child mental)
Photography (Max child creativity)
writing (max child creativity) (Kids can also practice writing and write books on the computer).
fitness (max child motor)
painting (max child creativity) (can raise it by using activity table).
Gardening (max child mental)
Cooking (max child creativity)
Baking (max child creativity)

Sim children can also read associated skill books to raise their skills.

There is a possible bug where the child creativity skill may not update on the panel when you sims reaches child creativity lvl 10. This is just a visual quirk, and will fix itself the moment you travel to another lot with that sim.

Hope that this mod helps players and makes the child stage in the sims 4 even more fun.

Overridden resources

All the resources are found using extract tuning from sims 4 studio

Possible conflicts
Any mod that alters the one of the above Statistic_Skill_Child and Statistic_Skill_AdultMajor resources.

Additional Credits:
Arien Li, who originally made a mod that allowed children to learn adult skills (now outdated)

Cute hair for girls by Mystufforigin (

Sims 4 skintone glow edition by kijiko (

Heliantheas super bland comic eyes (