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Frankenstein in a jumper – outerwear for AF (24 colours)

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2016 at 8:50 PM
If you’re wondering about the name (what does Frankenstein have to do with a female jumper?), its source is a meshing technique I used – slicing up meshes and joining separate parts. I was going to create a remake of this old outfit of mine, but I don’t like the style of shoes that mesh involves (I’d never wear shoes with pointy tip myself), and I haven’t found a similar mesh anywhere, so at the very least I’d have to edit the mesh to change shoes. I decided that if I were going to ‘mesh around’ anyway, I might as well create a brand new mesh from scratch (well not from primitive shapes obviously, but by editing Maxis meshes), and here we go – the base of this mesh is afbodysundress (a base game dress), for the neck part I used a dress from the H&M pack, and edited the shape so it looks more unique. Given that afbodysundress has a pregnancy morph it was convenient to create one for my mesh, so this outfit is available for pregnant sims (you need a mod to use different clothes than Maxis default during pregnancy), and of course has a fat morph.

The texture has all the expected details like seams, it’s properly shaded, and I think it looks much nicer and more Maxis-matchy than my old outfit (the jeans are a heavily edited Maxis texture, the woolly pattern is made from a picture I took and blended with one of the patterns available in Photoshop, and then I drew all the details and shaded the texture). Shoes are a blend of two Photoshop patterns + some drawing to make them actually look like shoes.

The jumper comes in 24 colours, all the files have descriptive names so if you don’t like a certain colour you can easily find and delete the appropriate file. I made it available as outerwear and an everyday outfit.

Note: This is my second mesh (and the first one that is more than shortening a dress in a not very good way, without even editing the UV map, and quitting Milkshape after 5 minutes), so it probably isn’t perfect, but I think it looks good in the game, and I haven’t noticed any major issues with it like floating parts or holes.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 2038
Vertices: 1419

Additional Credits:
My mom – I took a picture of a jumper she knitted for me and I used it to create a pattern, which is the base of my texture.