Modern Small House

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2016 at 12:23 AM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2016 at 12:41 AM - small changes on lot and pictures
Hello Dear Sims people.
so This might be my first upload but it is not the first house I have build for other people. Since February have several of friends come to me because I'm aparently good in building houses. I just look at my surroundings and imitates houses and apartments ^^'
Like out from memory.
So this little house was inspired by a new house in my town. The building plans was given up to show future buyers how it was going to be, so I took my chance to try to build something alike in Sims!
The house took me quite some time. I had it like with every upgrade it required it made my heart go into thousands of pieces but, I took me together so office addition :'3

The house has 2 big bedroom and a kitchen/living room and a office so I guess it's bedrooms

The yard includes a appletree and a garden to grow whatever your sim now is growing ^^
It holds 3 trees in all, about 10 bushes, and about 6-8 flower beds. This coming into a clean and nice garden with space to add telescope or some playground tools for ya sim kid.
The house only includes two CC aparently. (It was one but I guess it's recolored :/) Which is on the roof.

The house is user and also weather friendly.
It is surely okay to replace forniture :3
I hope you enjoy this house for your game.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 69.822

Custom Content Included:
- Muro de Pedra "Jardim do Éden"The Sims 2 - Needs Translation - Batch16 - changed name to Ancient Guardian from batch15 by cyclonesue
- izer. by pfish @ MTS2