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Default replacement - "Sporty" AF outfit from FT and AL

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Uploaded 3rd Dec 2016 at 7:39 PM · Updated 5th Dec 2016 at 4:49 AM by dharden

These are texture replacements for afbodysporty, an athletic outfit from FreeTime and Apartment Life. The replacement textures are from this set by Michelle. (I wanted to replace the pants and shoes as least as much as the tops.) The FreeTime and Apartment Life replacements are in separate rar files, which are marked to show which EP they are for. Textures are compressed.

The background for this outfit is a bit complicated. The FreeTime version only has one recolor, but there are also textures and TXMTs for two others that were left incomplete. When the outfit was reused in Apartment Life, these recolors were made usable, but with separate copies of the textures.

What I did for FreeTime was split the replacement. One part just replaces the orange top/gray pants outfit, which is also the AF career outfit for the Aerobics Instructor job in the Dance career track, with Michelle's orange top. The other part, tagged "LandF", both finishes the incomplete recolors, and replaces their in-game textures with the turquoise and pink tops from Michelle's set. (Note that it may be necessary to use Ctrl-right click in CAS to get the thumbnails to appear correctly.) The recovered outfits are set as Everyday and Athletic, for consistency with the orange/gray outfit. An alternate version, which sets them as Athletic only, is also included; only use one. Since those two outfits are already visible in Apartment Life, I saw little point in completing them without also replacing them.

For Apartment Life, I made two sets. Both sets replace the green top/gray pants outfit with Michelle's green top outfit. Set 1 replaces the other two outfits with the black and blue tops from Michelle's set. Set 2 uses the turquoise and pink tops, and is included do that people who either have AL, but not FT, or who have both, but choose not to enable the unfinished FT outfits can have those colors as defaults if they want to.

Some default replacements for afbodysporty only replace the Apartment Life outfits. If you have one of those, you can use the replacement package for the orange/gray outfit from FreeTime with no problem. Otherwise, you can use the replacement packages with another texture replacement for afbodysporty, since one texture replacement can replace part of another if it loads later. However, you will need to remove any other default for afbodysporty before using either of the replacement packages.

You should be able to use the complete-and-replace packages for the unfinished FreeTime outfits with any default for afbodysporty, as they don't replace anything other than textures. Other defaults for afbodysporty probably won't replace any resources used by those incomplete outfits, but if one does, my packages should simply act as completers.

Note: I don't have Apartment Life, so thanks to Slig, who made the default I used as a template for the AL replacements. Thanks also to HugeLunatic, for checking test versions of the AL replacements. Screenshots for the AL replacement outfits use Michelle's CC packages, edited to use the FT version of the mesh. The thumbnails for the original AL outfits were taken from this default by Simsibility.

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the mesh.
Michelle, for the replacement textures.
The Sims 2 Default Database, for being there.

Age: Young Adult Adult
Gender: Female
Clothing Type: Everyday Athletic
Clothing Style: No Style
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Default Replacement Maxis Fixed
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

Tags: #default, #replacement, #sports, #gym, #fitness, #exercise, #LACK