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Sarcastic Trait

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Uploaded: 15th Dec 2016 at 3:25 AM
Updated: 29th Nov 2017 at 4:31 PM - updated for Russian and Chinese strings
Only put ONE package you want in your mod file

A custom trait for your sarcastic sims!

"These Sims like to be mischievous, be funny and make fun of the other Sims. They are energetic warriors. They have a hasty personality and are very quick to love or hate."

It edits autonomy of sims. It enables automatically mean actions and allows more mischief behavior.

This is a trait to decide how sims behave. Located in Social Section.

18/11/2017 updates
Delete the old package in your Mod file before put this one in it.

-updated to be compatible with Cats and Dogs patch
-added loss of Conflict Resolution and Empathy caused by adding Sarcastic trait for Parenthood pack

Version 2 with buffs:
-Faster Social skills built : Mischief changed from 1.150 to 1.200)
-Buffs are now added! Five different playful buffs will now occur

Older Version 1:
- no buff... yet. Newer version with playful buffs maybe updated in the future.

- Whims of making mischief, funny and mean social interactions may pop up
- Faster Entertainer career performance improvement (1.500)
- Faster Social skills built (Comedy 1.200, Charisma 1.150, Mischief 1.150)
- Friendliness Relationship increase rate through social interactions : 1.200
- Friendliness Relationship decrease rate through social interactions : 1.050
- Mischief Relationship increase rate : 1.300
- Mischief Relationship decrease rate : 1.300
- No default or blocked emotions.
- No change in needs increase or decay rate
- Enable for all ages
- Compatible with Embyr311's Add More CAS Traits if you want to use this trait as additional trait for more than three traits per sim.

Feel free to give suggestions about this custom trait.

This trait is inspired by Dan Howell, a sarcastic YouTuber.

Additional Credits:
Buff and Trait Factory by amazing and generous Zerbu.