Shop Displays for MLC Christmas Decor

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2016 at 2:33 AM
I like a bit more realism in my game, I like sims to be able to buy stuff from the store, without it having to be an owned store. So today I bring you shop displays, cloned from BV souvenir displays (and therefore require BV to work).

These displays sell MLC's Christmas garlands and wreath and the triple candle from her Candle in the Window set. You will have to download these in order for the displays to work, as they call her original objects, not a remade version.

There are two different shelves, one for the garlands and one for the wreath and candles. Each shelf has 3 recolors.
The displays themselves can sit on a counter as well, like usual. The wreath display obviously looks odd just hovering in the air, but you can do it if you wish

Once you have them in a store (it can be any hood, does not have to be a vacation hood like the original souvenir displays), just send your sim to the store and buy what you want.

Once your sim is back home, just open the inventory and decorate away!

The shelves can be found in Surfaces>Shelves for $50
The displays are in General>Misc for $2500
The displays are comm lot only

Polygon Counts:
box shelves 320
wreath shelves 340
box display 72
wreath display 1834 (sorry, I know it's a little high, but it is two wreaths)