Bloomers- a garden place (base game)

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Uploaded: 27th Dec 2016 at 3:14 PM
Updated: 31st Dec 2016 at 4:43 AM
Welcome to Bloomers- a garden spot. Owner and host, Oberon O'Dourke, is pleased to have you visit. As many of you know, Oberon is the youngest brother of software mogul, Liam O'Dourke. Cross the bridge over Loch O'Dourke to this special and enchanted place. You will find a beautiful collection of trees and plants, and a greenhouse with a perfect garden. There is a swimming pool and a playground, grills and picnic tables for you to use. Take pictures at the Gazebo, or enjoy an impromptu concert. Finally, there are two shops: The Garden Shop- which sells all manner of gardening supplies, and Butterbot's Jam- a place to find homemade jams and jellies. Come for a treat, and spend the day.

Oberon is a fairy, so if you place a fairy house, Oberon can live on this lot. Keep it zoned community if you want other sims to visit. Oberon will still need a small home lot to receive his mail.
Oberon O'Dourke is not included, but you can download him here:

This is a commercial lot with a perfect garden located inside the greenhouse. There is no roof, but when it starts to get cold you can easily add floor tiles to make a roof and protect the plants from frost. All plants and trees, up to but not including Into the Future, plus all TS3 store plants and trees, are included. This is a base game lot, so if you are missing plants or trees, you can still install the lot, but the missing plants will not appear in the greenhouse. There are 2 each of 56 different plants, for a total of 112 plants. There are also 11 trees. If you experience lag on this lot, try deleting some of the plants. The great thing about a commercial garden is that there are NO gardening tasks required, just harvest the bounty. The lot was built at 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive in Riverview.

If you want to prevent your plants from becoming dormant, please add a flat roof (with floor tiles) to the greenhouse before the weather turns cold.

The lot also includes:
*pond with a bridge
*free-form pool
*gazebo with guitars
*swings and a sandbox
*grills and picnic tables
*restrooms including showers
*two shops (see below)
*a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch
If you do not have seasons, and so do not have pumpkins, you can remove the fenced-in area near the swings, where the pumpkin patch would be. If you want something different- you can convert it into a cc- free Petting Zoo, thanks to the creativity of MTS artists (see picture at top).

The pond doesn't have fish, but it is easy to add a fish spawner so your sims can fish.

There are two shops, but since this is a base game lot, they do not function as shops unless you add the Savvy Sellers Rugs. The screenshots show cash registers from World Adventure, that are not included.

The Garden Shop has many base game plants, and three from the free store set (see below).

Butterbot's Jam Shop screenshots show cc decor canning jars made by Butterbot. The lot is cc free, but Butterbot has allowed me to upload the jar as a separate file, if you would like to add it to your game. If you have the Canning Station from the TS3 store, you can use the decor jars along with the jars your sims make at the canning station. Also, don't miss Butterbot's brilliant mod for the canning station HERE.

TS3 Store Items
Free TS3 store items, recommended, but not included and not required:

Play tested

Screenshot info:
The lawn mower in the pictures is available here.
"Makin' Hay Poses" available here.
Burnt Waffles Perfect Day lighting mod available here.

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price (furnished): 83,600
Lot Price (unfurnished): 76,100

Custom Content (separate download- not required) :
- Decor Canning Jar by Butterbot

Additional Credits:
It takes a village to complete a lot, at least it does for me, so thanks to:

MTS, especially the queue mods
Butterbot for the decor canning jar
Vincent T. and Volvenom for their discerning eyes
Don Babilon for his advice and testing
The helpful members from the Create Forum
The Lot Builders Group
For the Petting Zoo critters:
-Alan_Gast- pig
-Danjaley- hen
-justJones- sheep
For screenshots:
-BrntWaffles for Perfect Day Lighting mod
-Spladoum for "Makin' Hay Poses"
-Mspoodle for the lawn mower