Improved Romance Animations (Default Replacement)

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Uploaded 8th Jan 2017 at 3:37 PM · Updated 4th Feb 2017 at 2:39 PM by simsilver0

Don't you realize that our couple sims looks kind of way too formal, passionless, lacks of love whenever they interact? Say no more.

This mod will override certain romantic(or friendly) interactions between young teen/adult/adult sims.
Resulting as improved & more passionate animations.
Compatible for all sims 4 version (with or without packs).
Have fun & don't forget to come back for more improvements + new updates!

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This mod may conflict with any overriding mod that alters these interactions (depending on which one you put in the mod folder) :
  • Offer Massage
  • Embrace
  • Kiss
  • Share Photos
  • Take Picture Together
(...more coming soon in updates...)

ClipName: a2a_romantic_T_hug_succeed_x
ClipName: a2a_romantic_T_hug_succeed_y
ClipName: a2a_friendly_T_offerMassage_succeed_x
ClipName: a2a_friendly_T_offerMassage_succeed_y
ClipName: a2a_friendly_T_sharePhoto_succeed_x
ClipName: a2a_friendly_T_sharePhoto_succeed_y
ClipName: a2a_friendly_T_takePictureWith_succeed_x
ClipName: a2a_friendly_T_takePictureWith_succeed_y
ClipName: a2a_romantic_T_kiss_embrace_succeed_x
ClipName: a2a_romantic_T_kiss_embrace_succeed_y

Unzip the mod files into your mods folder.
If you did not like certain animation replacements from this mod,
you can simply remove individual files in the mod's files.