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Frank Sinatra, "Ol' Blue Eyes"

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2017 at 3:55 PM
Updated: 23rd Jan 2017 at 4:08 PM
The singer, Frank Sinatra, also known as "Ol' Blue Eyes", was born in 1915 in Hoboken New Jersey from a family of Italian immigrants. Frank Sinatra began his long singing and acting career in the 1940's. He continued to sing and tour all the way to the 1990's, just short of his death in 1998. Sinatra was extremely popular. In total, he sold 150 million records. In the 1960's, he founded his own record company.

His acting career included an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance of From Here to Eternity and starred in an Emmy winning television production Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music. Sinatra also worked on the stage and took part in several musicals.

Along with the Kennedy Center Honors, he was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. He also earned eleven Grammy Awards, not including the Grammy Trustees Award, the Grammy Legend Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Among his most memorable hits is the song "New York, New York" and "My Way."

This young Frank Sinatra Sim was suggested to me by a fan.


Packs: (The Sim will work without these packs. Only his wardrobe will be affected.) Spa Say, Perfect Patio, Get to Work

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