From GTA 5: desert living

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2017 at 11:05 AM
Taking a trip back to Sandy Shores again, partly because of my own strong nostalgia for the world of GTA V, and partly because I received signals of some demand for gritty / decayed type of lots. All these residentials are based on desert buildings from the Grand Senora Desert and the trailer park Sandy Shores in GTA V (and that is based on real-life area of Salton Sea, California). Obviously recommended for your "bad side of the town", or a rundown industrial part of it. They are very simple boxy structures really; my efforts were put more into the painting / CASting /decorating part.

Faded shack
The only of the three that has a "normal" kitchen and bathroom (1 bedroom). Equipped with a boat trailer outside, which is a common sight in Sandy Shores (the Alamo Sea /Salton Sea is nearby). The current furnishing hints that the previous owners have been trading with illegal explosives, but of course, you should put an end to this racket. :P
Lot size: 20 x 20
Furnished: 25,404
Unfurnished: 13,827

Old Hand Car Wash
Looking like an abandoned car wash that is not operating any more, I converted it to a shack for a sim (or a couple) who don't mind to live in a garage office (1 bedroom). Only a microwave kitchenette (with mini fridge) and an all-in-one bath booth (Island Paradise EP). With sims interested in Handiness / Inventing / Fixer upper cars in mind.
Lot size: 20 x 30
Furnished: 43,320
Unfurnished: 24,682

Hippie Camp
There are at least three hippie camps scattered around the desert in GTA V; I have tried to recreate the ambiance of it with this lot - it has two trailers on it, both with 1 bedroom, all-in-one bath and microwave/mini fridge kitchenette. Since it's a hippie camp, I planted a small weed/herbs garden at the back (with herbs from University Life EP), but apart from gardening, the residents can even learn snake charming here, and there is a tiny (illegal?) radio station in one of the trailers. With sims interested in Arts / Gardening / Communication / Rebel group in mind.
Lot size: 25 x 25
Furnished: 49,229
Unfurnished: 30,096

All lots have been playtested for routing only (no long-run gameplay). No CC, no Store items, no Stuff Packs. The following EPs are necessary: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Generations, Showtime, Seasons, University Life (crucial!), Island Paradise (all-in-one bath!).

Lot Size: 25x25
Lot Price (furnished): 49,229
Lot Price (unfurnished): 30,098

Additional Credits:
- to Rockstar Games for the artistic design of GTA V exteriors/environment,
- to Coasterboi, the creator of the custom world Angel City that can be seen as a background on my photos,
- to @Epica0 who inspired me to travel back to Sandy Shores.