2021 UPDATE: No More Welcome Wagon

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Uploaded 30th Jan 2017 at 5:34 PM · Updated 30th Nov 2021 at 8:29 PM by TheFandomGirl : Update

I recommend using THIS mod to prevent any negative relationship gain with your neighbors!

This mod is compatible with the 11/30/2021 update!

This mod is compatible with the 9/7/2021 update!

This mod is compatible with the 7/20/2021 update!

This mod is compatible with the 6/29/2021 update!

This mod is compatible with the 5/27/2021 update!

This mod is compatible with the 3/23/21 update!

2/18/2021 Guess who's back!

Where have I been? Depressed and unmotivated and anxious AF as my family goes nuts from cabin fever. I love my family, I can't complain too much, but holy crap.

Me before updating this mod: UGH I'LL HAVE TO RELEARN HOW TO EDIT XML

Me after updating this mod: Oh... that was actually really easy.

ANYWAY! This mod now comes in three packages: one for basegame, one for Island Living, and one for StrangerVille! They won't completely remove the event, but it will only last one Sim minute and you won't need to bother with it.

I don't own Snowy Escape, Eco Lifestyle or Discover University, I'm missing Moschino Stuff and the SPs after, and I am incredibly on the fence about Journey to Batuu. So if any of those add a new Welcome Wagon event, I can't get to that. I can, however, tell you what I did, so you could make one of your own. Unless EA completely redoes how the events are coded, we should be good. *knocks wood*

This mod is compatible with the September 5th 1.55 update!

I do not own Island Living, and probably won't until Christmas. In the meantime a user named nt95 has kindly updated this for the Sulani Welcome Wagon! Simply download from HERE and you're set. This version will not prevent the special StangerVille WW, but that can be circumvented with Not So StangerVille Save File by suppjason.

This mod is compatible with the June 18 patch!

This mod is compatible with the April 16th patch, however I do not own Strangerville! If you do and discover an issue with this mod, please let me know and I'll get on it when I can!

This mod is compatible with the November 13th patch!

This mod is compatible with the June 18th patch!

This mod is compatible with the February 22nd patch! It's been tested alone and with other mods, and it works perfectly. There was one instance where a sim walked into my home, put a fruitcake down and left, but I've been unable to recreate this!

Some time ago, in a game studio far, far away...

"Hey guys, you know the annoying Welcome Wagons we finally got rid of?"


"Let's patch them back in!"


I'm fully aware that I may be alone in this regard, but after the 5th or 6th family I place in Windenburg has to put up with nosy neighbors and their "gift" of fruitcake, it's a wonder I haven't jumped off the roof of my house. And since pretty much every Sim I create is a Loner, well you can see how I might get very annoyed.

"Well, why not just cancel the event?" You may ask. Because I'm not so much of a misanthropic harpy that I don't feel bad for the negative relationship gain and the "I guess we're not wanted here." message that pops up.

So here you have it; a little XML tuning mod that prevents Welcome Wagons from ever happening. Think of it as an override; it replaces a nuisance and gives you nice, cushy solitude.

Tested with both pre-existing and brand new households and saves.

Modified XMLs:

Any other mod that changes these will conflict!

Additional Credits:
Misanthropy, annoyance, Sims 4 Studio, boredom and introversion