Maxis Lost & Found: Walls and Floors

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2017 at 4:33 AM
Updated: 12th Aug 2021 at 3:26 PM
Compatible with v1.41.38.1020

This patch seems to unlock these walls and floors, possibly unintentionally, as they are missing proper titles and prices. You can still use this mod as a fix for these issues.

I was surprised to discover several flooring and wall coverings within the game that are unavailable in Build Mode. Some of the floors are identical to certain roof patterns, and can actually be already used in the game by using the roof pattern tool on a room. This is a rather cumbersome way to access them, and they don't appear in the catalog itself. All of the other designs are completely hidden and inaccessible from the catalog for no discernable reason. There's some interesting stuff here, such as a set of tiles that match an existing tiled wall, wide wooden planks, sand(!) and a wallpaper made out of old newspapers.

This mod unhides them so that they can be used normally. Missing swatch colors have been added, prices and descriptions corrected, and a few were missing proper names, so I've added ones that sounded appropriate (these are denoted on the list below by an asterix). As the necessary files for these wall and floor coverings are already in the game, you should be able to properly share lots that contain any of them.

Floor coverings
1. Gravel Delight Roof [§4 Floors > Stone]
2. Grounded Tiles (this flooring matches the Mosaic Dreams tiled wall) [§4 Floors > Tile]
3. Kwality Wide Plank Flooring [§8 Floors > Wood]
4. My Own Corrugated Castle [§4 Floors > Metal]
5. Not So Drab Slab [§4 Floors > Stone]
6. *Painted Ceiling [§4 Floors > Misc]
7. Rockstone Pavers (this matches one of the swatches of Gravel Delight Roof) [§4 Floors > Stone]
8. Sheet Metal Roof [§4 Floors > Metal]
9. *Supple Sand [§4 Floors > Outdoor]

Wall coverings
10. Raw Style [§12 Walls > Masonry]
11. *Side of the Basement (this wall matches the Bottom of the Basement flooring) [§2 Walls > Misc]
12. *Writings on the Wall [§2 Walls > Wallpaper]

Additional Credits:
Maxis artists, for creating the walls and floors
Maxis boneheads, who in their infinite wisdom didn't let us use them.
Sims 4 Studio