Big Al's Classic Cars

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Uploaded: 9th Feb 2017 at 4:51 AM
Greetings, Simmers!

I was inspired to create this lot by my stepson, Stephen.... Every year, when he gets his tax return, he invariably wastes it on some clunker vehicle that he firmly believes was a great deal....yeah, right..... I had visions of some fat guy, in a plaid suit... sporting a gold tooth.... who sees him coming from a mile away..... Thus, the inspiration for "Big Al's".....

In reality, my model for the lot is located (in the real world) just West of the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute, Indiana. The exterior is, most definitely, Art Deco..... "Back in the Day", it was a VERY upscale dealership where they sold Lincoln-Mercury.... a place where you'd buy a car for the prestige of showing that "You Have Arrived" in elegant style!

The Lot Particulars.....

This is built on a 4x3 medium lot
The total price (including the cost of the car decorations) is 113,725 simoleons

If you'd like... leave out the deco cars and make it a real Sims car dealership....

MANY THANKS to the creators of the custom content! It IS NOT included with the lot....

Thank You, Raynuss for the animated sign (actual chaser lights and a message that changes!)
You can get the original at his BlogSpot, "Imagine That!" here: https://rdnussimaginethat.blogspot....signs.html#more

Thank You, Roxanne, at Crisp and Kerosene for the standing wall column available here:

Thank You, CycloneSue for the deco cars available here:

I truly hope that this lot enhances the look of your neighborhoods!


Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 113725

Custom Content by Me:
- service bay walls
- building flat roof
- service bay floor
- wood floor
- OLd London Romanesque fence
- Heritage Dark Slate Shake Shingle Roof by Red Sonja
- English Rose Hedge by Red Sonja
- curbing fence
- cornice fence
- animated sign recolor
- exterior brick wall
- art deco marble floor
- art deco exterior wall
- art deco ceiling
- victorian metal ceiling
- interior deco wall
- brick pavers
- subway tiles
- art nouveau carpeting
- country counter recolor

Additional Credits:
Thank You, Delphy for MTS
Many Thanks to our MODERATORS for giving their time, energy and talent!
Thank you, Numenor, RGiles and Quaxi for SimPE and the Clean Installer Thank you to the Simming Community for constant inspiration

Thank you, Stephen for inspiring this lot...